Will Oil Prices Affect Gold Values?

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The precious metals complex experienced a modest pullback earlier this week, as speculative paper positions initiated by traders late to the game exited the markets amidst rising geopolitical tensions. Escalating violence in eastern Ukraine added a measure of uncertainty that clouded the European Central Bank’s proposal to artificially lift the eurozone’s economy, while the implications regarding the death of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah and how it may affect OPEC’s stance on oil production targets sent mixed signals to the commodity markets. In theory, gold is an excellent hedge against economic variability and it should continue to do well on a long-term basis. In the short-run, however, traders with a narrow time horizon, or the weak-hands of the market, need to be flushed out in order for bullish investors to regain control. In this transitional phase, corrective swings in gold prices should be viewed as an opportunity to acquire additional positions at attractive discounts.

Unfortunately, mainstream media outlets and Wall Street investment brokerages continue to disperse distorted or conflicting information regarding the precious metals sector. A recent example is Goldman Sach’s lowering their 2016 gold price estimate to 1,089 dollars, a nine-percent cut from their previous forecast, which cited dollar strength and price deflation as a major headwind against the bullion market. However, neither circumstance is likely to be sustained indefinitely as an overly strong greenback risks the potential of a negative balance of trade, where imports outpace exports due to unfavorable exchange rates, while price deflation fears have mostly centered on the volatility of the crude oil market, a situation that could rapidly change based on Russian or OPEC policy adjustments. Despite popular rhetoric, the U.S. economy can ill-afford to dramatically raise interest rates or tamper with other critical metrics without upsetting the entire financial system, thus negating the bearish arguments set forth by Goldman Sachs.

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